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ArtSmart 2020-21: The LEO Project (Light Embodied Odyssey) is a partnership between the RIverview Arts Center, Living Architecture Systems Group at the University of Waterloo and Brilliant Labs.


DesJardin Foundation Prize- Dec 2020 Programs to keep kids motivated in schools awarded to Prize was used to purchase new soldering irons, batteries, solar panels etc.. _____________________________________________________________________

Global Top 50 in the Global Teacher Prize by Varkey Foundation. Dec 2018.

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Top 100 Innovations in Education in Helsinki by HundrED, Nov 2018


Top 10 in the World for Sustainability in Education in Calabasas, California by HundrED, Nov 2018

E-B and Saku at MUSE Hundred


Top 3 Finalist STEM Award by FETC’17

RHS to FETC p1 times & transcript RHS to FETC pg 2 times&transcript


NB ARTSMart Grant: Epiphyte

Can we combine electrical engineering, laser cutters, muscle wires, and optics with art to make an interactive sculpture.  Nice collaboration with Rob Gorbet from University of Waterloo.


Canadian Teacher Federation Imagine-Action Grant for the Greenhouse project, Sept 2015. Imagineaction Certificate________________________________________________________________

RHS Science 12 Automated Aquaponic Greenhouse wins at Sustainapalooza, May 2015

RHS Students Micro Grant



NSTA PASCO STEM Educator Award, March 2015.

The first Canadian to win!!


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The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of New Brunswick, Feb, 2015


The association gave us a grant to replenish our electronics and plastic so that the One Million Lights project can continue.


Brilliant Labs fund three Science 12 Projects,.Feb 2015


Students wrote grant proposals (true literacy in the science classroom) for the following projects:

  • Automated Aquaponics Greenhouse: Seedlings for Community Garden
  • One Million Lights: 3D printed personal sources of lights for study after sunset
  • Cyborg Arm: Turning the passive 3D printed cyborg arm into an EKG,Arduino, Servo motor active prosthetic.


AMTEC Trust through Canadian Network for Innovation in Education Grant; May 2014

Thank you for the grant for a research project. It is a good start, seed, for a larger research project. 1:1 Technology and BYOD are all the rage right now. It often gets confused and intermized with 21st Century Learning. Some tout it as the savior of education. I am skeptically optomistic. It is coming and will be here sooner than we think. What is lagging, is our understanding about how to teach and learn with the tech. How will /should pedagogy change?________________________________________________________________

Telus Technology in the Classroom Grant. May 2014

Thank you for sponsoring a 3D printer and computer to run it. I see how it can be very useful in a middle school or a Broad Based Tech or engineering class. But how can we use it in Chemistry or Physics. Will it be  a distraction, a gimmick or a Game Changer? Let’s find out!!


 SMART Technologies: 3D Printer
Thank you to SMART for donating a 3D Printer, MakerBot Replicator 2. I see how it can be very useful in a middle school or a Broad Based Tech or engineering class. But how can we use it in Chemistry or Physics. Will it be  a distraction, a gimmick or a Game Changer? Let’s find out!!


Dec 2013

Top 3 News Maker in Canada for Ed Tech by Mindshare Learning.

I share the top 3 spot in Canada behind Cmndr Hadfield and the Minister of Ed for Alberta!!



MindShare Learning 21st Century Classroom Video Contest. 1 of 3 National winners.


ArtsSmart Grant : Science and Art of Light, Jan-Mar 2013.
Students investigate the Science of Light including Refraction, Snell’s law, Lenses, Mirrors, and pin hole cameras. We look at chemical kinetics like the effect of temperature and concentration on developing photographic paper.

The Art of light, composition and photography is part 2, but will remain a mystery for a while.

SMART Showcase Classroom and School Dec 2012.
RHS is named a SMART Showcase School and my classroom is named the SMART Showcase Classroom.

ArtsSmart Grant: Insulin Sculpture, Oct 2011-Mar 2012.


Canadian Association of Physicsists High School Teacher Award, May 2011


Smart Technology Research Grant: Multiple SmartBoards with Multitouch Research, Feb 2011.

Smart Logo

World Wide Innovative Educator Forum: 3rd in world for Collaboration and Communication, Cape Town, Nov 2010.


ian-at-wwief-boothILF: Innovative Learning Fund Tier 1. Racing Physics, 2009.

Racing-Physics-Achieve-Mag full resracing-physics-part-bracing-physics-part-A

Prime Minister’s Award For Excellence in Education, Introduced to Mrs. Harper by the organizers as “the highest scoring recipient in the history of the award”, May 2008.


2008 award ceremony

ILF: Innovative Learning Fund Tier 3: Teach-nology, 2008.

Minister’s Excellence in Teaching Award, District #2’s NOMINATION, May 2007.

Minister’s Excellence in Teaching Award, District #2’s Nomination, May 2006.

SmartTM Exemplar Teacher, May 2005.


Making A Difference Grant for “Small Group Technology Stations for Physics”; February 2005

E-learning Grant for “Small Group Technology Stations for Physics”; January 2005.

Minister of Education’s Innovation in Education Award for “Blueberry Anti-Aging Properties”; 2003-2004

Canada’s Grassroots Grants:



Solar Studies

Dead Sea Electrolytes

Computer Probes and Coefficients of Friction

Submarine Physics



Where in the World is Kate Duffy?





High-Tech Fabrics

Winter Sports Physics

Physics of an Amusement Park Microgravity


Outdoor Science






World War Two with Friends

French Internet Project

Minister of Education’s Innovation in Education Award for “Integrating Outdoor Science”, 2000

Canadian Space Agency: Local Backyard Astrophotography CD-ROM grant, 2000.

AMES NASA Space Settlement Contest March 1999- Third Place Finish with “Poseidon” by students Shane Price and Jon Latimer

Compaq’s “Teaching With Computer Technology Grant Program”, 1997.

Microsoft’s “Well-Connected Educator Award”, 1997.

Society of Chemical Industry for Outstanding Academic Achievement, 1993.

The Chemical Institute of Canada Award for Excellence, 1992.

Murray Sears Award for Teaching Excellence, 1991.

Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union “Academic All Canadian”, 1992, 1993.


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