Generations planting seeds

My earliest memories of me and my Dad were driving in an old Dodge Dark, listening to “hit the road Jack, don’t ya come back no more no more”. We went out to a garden plot where he would make a golden rod bow and arrow and he would garden.

When we lived in a house, we had a backyard garden, which I helped in when I had to. Other than the carrots that you could eat with still a bit of dirt on it and the peas right out of the pods, I did not like much of what came out of the garden. I did not inherit his green thumb.

Now that I will be coaching teachers on hydroponics, I guess I better get some wisdom from the experienced. Dad came into the school. It was not the way he left it! So much tech. Despite all the high tech, learning how to germinate seeds goes back a long time and perhaps the most complex machine in these little seeds. We set up 3 or 4 pods of different seeds just to see what happens.

Ideally, we would get good enough at this that we could have these along the hall and students could pick their lunch!! We will see.

It has been a week and a half. Some are well on their way.