Too Moodle or Not to Moodle

To Moodle or Not to Moodle.

It was a pleasure to meet Educators of Pharmacey Tech’s from all over Canada at Oulton’s Business College yesterday. We had a nice chat about Learning Management Systems (Moodle). It fit rather nicely because the speaker directly before me was talking about how they are going to run a national Bridging program (a way to upgrade experiences Pharmacy Techs to the current legislation). Much of it was online and most of the instructors are practitioners rather than educators. There are some important but subtle nuances. We talked a bunch about social contructivism , the need for students to talk, the need for skills and info to percolate. The content is more important in a college situation than perhaps a public school.

The inpromptu video testomonial from two of my students was the homerun. Thanks Girls.

I had some great chats at the meet and greet Re Smartboards in the classroom and eudcation in general.