Inspired Collaboration at BETT 2013

Just got back from BETT 2013 in London UK. It was a fantastic Experience! Some Educational Highlights were the Transformational Summit, were I was introduced by Lord Knight of the House of Lords to give a talk on Collaboration in my room. In the audience were Mr. Bergmann and Mr Sams of “flipped Classroom” fame, Ministers of Ed, VIP’s and Superintendents from EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). it was a bit surreal to be speaking to such an influential group. More than that, they seemed that they were intrigued. Also of importance was a few conversations that lasted more than an hour with a teacher from Connecticut (originally form Peru), and two gentlemen from Nigeria and the UK. Teachers are teachers everywhere. and as Aaron Sams said, “I do not care much bout the name, I am just interested in good teaching”. Although he was talking about the “Flipped Classroom” label. I think it could be applied globally.

Lord Knight introduces me to the Transformational Summit, 75 VIP’s from the EU’s Education like Ministers of Educations and Superintendents from England, Poland, Sweden, Nigeria etc…



Of course there were lots of non-academic highlights. Thank you to the SMART employees. They were so attentive. making sure I had a taxi, that I had water, that I was not bored, that I had a chance to try every bite of different curry from Brick Lane. It was fantastic. I hope that I have made friendships that will persist the conference.