Thanks Tim Gard of MindShare Learning Magazine

Excerpt from Tim Gards Reflections in MindShare, Feb 2013. 

Interactive Whiteboard Technologies

SMART was there at BETT in a big way. I had an opportunity to move between their booth and collaborative classroom where they showcased many of their new products using SMART exemplary teachers from around the world, including Ian Fogarty from New Brunswick. Ian is one of the winners of this year’s MindShare 21st Century Classroom Video Challenge.

SMART introduced several new products including their finger touch interactive projector. I haven’t had a lot of success with interactive projector technology because I’ve found them a bit quirky however SMART’s new projector was very responsive and was dual-touch as well. It was also only $2000.00 which was definitely a cost effective way to include interactive whiteboard technology in your school. SMART also introduced their re-designed SMART table. This table is sleek and durable! I know of one VP who is looking for this kind of table for her school which has a very high population of special needs students who I believe would benefit very much from these tables.