Learn 2 Learn Conference at RNS

I’m using my only 2 days of vacation from Shad Valley UNB to attend the Learn2Learn conference a Rothesay Netherwood School sponsored by UNB Education faculty. The Shad Valley kids just finished a trip to the Huntsman Marine Center and so I was late coming into the conference hall. The closest table had Anglophone East people like John Tingley, Liz Nowland, Chris Ryan, and Bruce Ryan there. It turns out that there are two presenters from RHS, Chris and I. That is a significant percentage of the total presenters. I think that says something.


Mark Kelly from the CBC is the keynote. He is talking about giving students a voice around the issue of bullying. His Documentary is on CBC.http://www.cbc.ca/player/Shows/Shows/More+Shows/ID/2242004426/

Day 1 & 2

There are lots of great conversations happening. The vast majority of them claim to talk about collaboration, but they fall into a couple of categories “Divide and Conquer, or the Funnel”. The way that they are using things like Google Apps revisions still focus on the final product as the important thing rather than the process.Good students know they are good, but perhaps not why, and the struggling students do not get a chance to watch editing in progress. The SMARTBoard model of peer editing during class time is NOT about helping the author of the work, but rather about helping the EDITORS. This is where the higher order thinking and critical thinking is taking place.