Meshed conversations and work: A new work dynamic in Math from SMARTBoards

During the lunch on Monday with the Preston Middle contingent, Ryan pipes up. I have quickly come to appreciate that he is absorbing, processing and slow to response. When he speaks,…listen. It will probably be insightful , deep and hilarious.

He come up with the idea that in a math class, the group work typically looks different. A student puts their head down, does some solitary work, does the thinking and comes up with an answer. Then there will be a conversation with a neighbor, followed by more individual head down work. The problem solving is done as an individual and then the successful solution is shared with the group. The group members who did not get the solution copy the right answer.

However, with a group around a SMARTBOARD, the work and conversation is “meshed-together” and the group finds a solution. The individuals are all participants in discovering the solution. This feels very different. Then the individual can attempt a new but similar problem as he practices the new group thinking.

We think this is different and better.

Feels like a research project to me!!