Mount St.Vincent Univ. Dept of Ed.

Thanks to Krista Ritchie for inviting me to speak with your BEd. class. It was fun to look at how I use emotion to increase engagement in the class. I had never really thought about it before. Using the bell for suspense, creating arguments related to the content, telling stories.

I have a new one to add. Two of my students are putting together an electric guitar as part of the circuits portion of the physics 12 class. The students thought I had a guitar in pieces and needed them together. The reality is that at 8 am, the guitar was in perfect working condition and by 8:20 it was completely in pieces with individual wires removed etc… This showed my confidence in them. I was willing to destroy something knowing that it would get fixed.

Then I told them that it was my son’s guitar (true). I told the girls who were putting it together that my twin sons were preparing for the end of school year variety show and that they were getting ready to sing publicly to a couple of girls. Just to add to the ambiance, I played the song on repeat. The perception is that the future of middle school romance depends on the re-assembly of the guitar. They are working hard. This tactic would probably not work with a group of guys.

Thanks for making me think Krista and class!!

Keynote at VIEF 2012

On Saturday, I gave a Keynote to the Microsoft Partner’s in Learning Virtual Educator Forum 2012. It is the Canadian championships for technology in the classroom with the finalists proceeding to the Global Forum in Athens. Wish I was going.

I have never given a Keynote before. I’m so glad it was a virtual forum. Thank you for such a great response, even days after the fact. We are in this together and we need to talk.

Then 4 projects were presented to Shari and I as judges. There were a total of 16 projects. I was reminded two things. There are some very cool ideas out there. Teaching is such a passion. It has to be. Thank you for all the extras you do.

Looking forward to the next round of competition/sharing over the next couple of weeks.


Delivering 2 sessions at LEARN EAST. Session #1 is SEE no TPR’s (Interactive Whiteboards as a tool of change. If you are using them as Traditional Pedagogy Replicator, it is a pedagogy issue, not a technical one.

Session #2 is 7 exemplars of 21st Century Learning in a Science Classroom.