CBC interviews RHS Science Students Re Concussion Helmet

Today, RHS students were interviewed by CBC Radio. The students were super excited and nervous. All of a sudden, physics students need to be able to communicate in an authentic way.

Every year, physics students do engineering projects. I encourage students to follow something that is important to them and push an engineering flavor to the project. Three students decided to attack concussion from Sports. All three students play high contact sports and one was student had already been concussed this semester.

After a hit on the field, an athlete may not be aware of the severity of the hit, or may not want to look weak and not come off the field. They are susceptible to serious secondary injuries.

Students placed a Microbit with an accelerometer in a helmet which communicates with a hand held receiver for the coaches and referees keep track of the health of the players.

This is a great example of transdisciplinary projects, where competencies like communication, collaboration and creativity are intertwined with physics and engineering.