SMART Advisory Meetings

Nov 22nd, I was invited to Calgary to speak to their VIP Customer Advisory Board at their head office. It was almost like coming home. I was so welcoming. I loved re-meeting many and finally putting faces to the many emails. Of particular interest, was to meet Catherine and Robert. Robert and I met on twitter and now we met face to face. It was too bad that we did not get to chat more. I’m hoping we can meet up again.

  The advisory board is a group of administrators, superintendents and principals, who were brought in to advise SMART on their new directions. I was brought in to inform them of the work I am doing.

As always, I really appreciated the time that Neil Smith and Kristen took to spend with me. I appreciate our chats. I really got to know Brady during our trip to Banff. Some good talking, pondering and thinking. I like that he is so positive, but also a previous teacher.


I wonder where next will be.