Tech and Treat DEN Virtual Conference

Drove up to Fredericton in TERRIBLE RAIN (Thanks Marcel) to attend a virtual conference, face to face. Virtual is good. Face to face is better!! Had I attended virtually, I probably would have interacted with Bryan Facey and Jeff Whipple. But I would not have sat beside Heather Hallett and talked about Partners In Learning and I would not have met a great BBT teacher to design a collaborative Chemistry Google Sketchup project!!

Tech is cool, but face to face is CRUCIAL!!




Just finished the SMART Technology Free course on Cyberbullying.

It was short, sweet, useful and productive. They talked about practical things on how you can prevent cyberbullying. I knew about e=mail and filters. What I had never considered was setting the ring tones of the bullies to silent. I also did not know that there was an app for that so that calls and texts from individuals are never received except to put them in a folder to be used as evidence. I like it!!