Principals’ Meetings

The Minister of Education called a meeting of all the anglophone principals grades 3-12 in the province. I was asked a while ago, “if high school reform could ever change?” There seems to be a sentiment globally that high school cannot change despite the fact that elementary and middle schools and even universities are changing. Riverview High was asked by the minister to present how we are changing the high school experience.

My principal invited me and three other teachers to present along side of him. He joked that he did not want to be know as the principal just because he was wearing a tie or because he was the center of the conversation.

The preparation for the talk was most insightful. I got a chance to really reflect and group think about how the  structures that we put in place changed our practices and eventually our culture. There was some debate on the order. I am convinced that they are all required simultaneously. For some teachers who have the cultural idea, but do not have the structure in place, their desired practice cannot happen. For some early adopters, we were waiting for the structure to allow us to practice the way we want. For others, the structure provided a vacuum or pressure which eventually changed practice and culture.

I wonder what this means for programs. Perhaps we should introduce a program for those who are ready and then wait for the program to make space for others to jump on board.

I guess the big question is…how many to you need on board to make a change??