Home From China!!

Our visit to China to help raise 21st Century Learners ended today. We traveled for the better part of 24 hours. Arriving home was awesome, but somehow a bit sad. I cannot wait to see how this little experiment impacts the lives of a family. I wonder if we will ever really be able to attribute a particular perspective to this trip?

Just because you cannot measure it, does make it untrue or unimportant. Perhaps this philosophy is transferable to our schooling more generally.


KEYNOTE speaker at STEM Symposium in Colorado

The STEM Educators Symposium (#SES2013) is being held in Fort Collins, Colorado. I am giving the introductory Keynote and a workshop. New waters for me. I am used to giving talks about how to teach and use tech, but not necessarily about pumping people up and inspiring them for a week of professional development.