Insulin Sculpture: Art, Science and Trades

My students spent portions of two semesters combining art, science and trades to create a large sculpture of Insulin. Thanks to the ArtSmart grant for providing necessary funds. Thank you to our artist, Joss Richer, and our tech teacher Renee Levine. Great work guys. Still waiting for your full sized interpretive poster with patent economics, history, and chemistry. More color for purpose.
Here are two videos. Follow the link at the top menu to RHS Science blog and see more of the insulin project as it happened.

C21 Summit Invitation

A wonderful opportunity…

John Kershaw et al. just invited me to attend a summit on 21st Century Learning with 49 other delegates. I’m very excited and honoured. I expect it to be a great round table discussion about teaching and learning in the near and not so distant future. I know there will be lots of policy makers, administrators and business people. I wonder how many classroom teachers there will be?

50 Participants by Invitation only

Invited to Turning Tides conference With Sir Ken Robinson

Just Been Accepted to Turning the Tide Conference. 

I’ll be presenting on some exemplars of 21C Science projects, two of them are brand new this semester.

I’m very excited to possibly meet and chat with Sir Ken Robinson.